We are a team of engineers and designers focused on creating high quality software solutions for the Web, on Mobile and in the Cloud

We love to work with people and organizations who have great vision. Our team love challenges and thinks innovatively and disruptively to help our clients to turn their great ideas into reality.

We provide consultation on end-to-end mobile, web and cloud development, user experience design, and provide tools to track your project. No matter what size you are, we cater our service for any needs, from startup to full commerce.

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We are Bititude
Yes, We KISS(Keep It Simple or Stupid) your Ideas

Web Development


Mobile Development

Cloud Development

UI UX Development

It's that what our clients say matters.

"Bititude team is very professional and kept us in the loop all the time. They always delivered on time and as promised. I will work with them again any time." - Adriaan Botha, Crocnoster Pty Ltd

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Our Process


We open ears for our customers to get a grasp on what he/she wants to achieve. Based on the information collected, we process it and have a basic understanding.


A wireframe/mockup will be created based on the data. This will undergo some iterations untill we acheive a custom recipe to cook your idea.


This is where we start baking in an agile way. Development will involve conituous integration and daily scrums. We make sure our customers test along with us during the process.


Once baked, no matter what product it is, We prepare everything under the hood to make its deployment and GO LIVE smoother.

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