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Check Work Rights

Visa Checks Made Easy

We developed an intuitive and time-effective resource application for Check Work Rights (CWR) that enables companies to check visa status and legal rights of employees to work in Australia. It is an easy-to-use platform assisting businesses of all types and sizes to efficiently check, record, and monitor their employee visa, status, and legal rights to work. Check Work Rights, the application, concretes adherence to Australian migration law while reducing the risks of non-compliance. Leading companies like McDonalds and hungry jacks are currently using our CWR application.

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Node Js, Angular 4, MySQL, RabbitMQ, AWS
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About the client

Check Work Rights is an Australian company founded in 2015 that delivers solutions for companies to ensure their employees are always entitled to work in Australia. They offer the most advanced Visa checking tool in Australia and have had the opportunity to work with businesses spanning many industries.

Challenges We faced

To ensure work entitlement, Organizations usually collect visa information of their workforce and perform a manual check. It is the HR department of the companies which supervises the checking process done by VEVO. VEVO is a VISA system that stores the visa information of a person holding Australian visas. The tedious task of VEVO checking each employee’s visa work rights in Australia is very time-consuming for the HR department. In the case of illegal workers, the company gets heavily fined. The client approached us in need of a solution that can minimize the workload of the HR department. This mundane visa checking task was to be automated by Check Work Rights with a system. The biggest challenge we faced was to build a system that can reciprocate the results without any errors as the system deals with such confidential and sensitive data.

How did we did it

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We successfully came up with a full-service solution that automates the entire process of VEVO checking using AWS services. CheckWorkRights application allows the entry of immigrant workforce visa details, automation of checks, and logging results for further analysis.

The UI/UX of the application did a stunning Job by designing an engaging and smooth User Experience. Starting the process with a comprehensive study of user-specific needs helped us kick off the project with the right step. We thoroughly studied the client at the initial stage and worked our best to achieve user goals. The enriching Visual design was the result of the primary focus on the users.

CWR is running successfully in the market today. More than 2M checks and 14000 employee registrations have been covered in the application it's inception. We are expanding by collaborating with various institutions and adding more checks.

Highlighting Features

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Mobile Passport Scanning

The feature allows anyone to check visa status by scanning a potential employee's passport or a photocopy. They can get the result of checking on their phone within seconds. The checking gets the job done effortlessly without the need to sign in to the website.

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Clear Employee Snapshot

The manager can get a glance at the metrics of employees on different work rights. In addition to this, the data visualization using graphs and visual charts gives an easy picture of the visa holding workforce in their company. Facilities are available for the manager to share the dashboard access to anyone they like.

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Bulk UploadFeature

This feature uploads the data of all the currently working staffs into the website and checks data of their visas. It ensures all the visas details are updated within a few minutes of the check.

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API Integration

CWR allows integration of API seamlessly into the user's software. Communication between CWR and the human resource department or payroll software can be carried out easily. Integration with current systems allows the application to be part of business processes. And if the user does not have an integration, CWR helps in building a customized one.

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Constantly checks the visa-status of all employees and tracks all the checks that have been performed. The supervisor will receive alerts via the dashboard or emails in case any action or follow up is required.

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Activity History

Stores all the previous check and allows to search or retrieve any information the user needs. The recorded data also helps at the time of any clash with staffs or as proof for government officials.

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Reports are made available to help analyze the work entitlement and time periods of employees. It gives an overall picture of the information as a summary of which employee's visas will be expired in the next 30,60,or 90 days.


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